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Who Am I?

A Pinterest Strategist and Marketing Virtual Assistant

From college days to corporate world, then completely changing course to traveling around parts of Central and South America for 5 years, to now being a work-from-home mom of a spirited 3-year-old jungle boy while running my virtual assistance business between two countries... Whew... What an adventure!
Fun and Interesting Facts
  • We live bicoastal between Costa Rica and Alabama & have a spirited and fun 3-year-old jungle boy
  • Sloths and monkeys are our neighbors
  • I have surfed/ sled down an active volcano
  • While in the Galapagos with my parents, our captain fed huge sharks from the boat while we rocked back and forth in fear and amazement
  • I LOVE to cook and try new recipes

A Little About Me...

Transitioning into motherhood while living bicoastal (Costa Rica and Alabama) during the last few years impacted all aspects of my personal and professional journey.

I entered the entrepreneurial space creating a Virtual Assistance business to support and provide for my family and have LOVED every minute of it since. The satisfaction of helping others while still being able to be a mom AND have time for life's moments is the BEST and most fulfilling experience.

A few life lessons I am learning along the way: I try to smile and laugh often, the people you surround yourself is everything, help anyone you can and forgive over and over.

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What People Say...

Open and genuine, it was a pleasure to work with Taylor. I only did a consultation but was impressed by her body of knowledge and understanding of her field. Will stay in touch for sure!
Nikolay |

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