5 Tactics To Increase Traffic From Pinterest Marketing

March 7, 2020

Do you want more visitors to your website?

Have you considered Pinterest to elevate your marketing strategy?

Why Use Pinterest?

Pinterest has not stopped growing and it doesn’t plan to. With more than 300 million monthly users, let me repeat, 300 million monthly users, entrepreneurs and business owners are quickly adding Pinterest to their marketing strategy (and the male demographic to be included).

When considering driving traffic to your website, Pinterest is similar to that of Google in the sense of search optimization. People are using Pinterest more and more to find content, new ideas and in planning their lives in general.

And if you know how the platform works, you can share and actively pin your organic content in a way that other social media channels cannot do anymore.

Here are 5 tactics to use to increase traffic via Pinterest. 

1. Sign up or switch your account to a Pinterest business account. 

This will enable access to Pinterest analytics where you can monitor the behavior of your pins. You can then verify your domain and enable rich pins. 

2. Content is Key. 

Each pin includes an image and a description. The description is where the secret is (especially using SEO keyword friendly terms). For higher engagement possibilities, your pins should be helpful, detailed, attractive and actionable. With each of these content ingredients, your pin engagement will only increase. 

3. Use eye catching images. 

This brings us to pin images. It’s important to create fresh and eye catching images. There are many in’s and out’s to creating pintastic images including size, image texts and overall design. With the right colors, design and high-quality images, you are in line for total possibilities of repinning! 

4. Group boards are your friends. 

Joining group boards can benefit your pinning strategy and are a great way to generate more traction. They are extremely popular and can give you better advantages of increasing your blog exposure. 

5. Timing is everything. 

Creating a pinning schedule for the best times when your target audience is on Pinterest makes all the difference. You can view your analytics to see when your target demographic is on and go from there.

Pinterest strategy is exciting and can boost all kinds of business flow if you know and understand the platform. And if you don’t, I am here to help you succeed! I have spent the necessary time learning the in’s and out’s of Pinterest strategy, so you don’t have to. I can get your Pinterest business account in tip top shape, only to increase your website and blog traffic. Contact me to see if your business can benefit from Pinterest marketing and management. 

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