Key Ingredients for a Strategic Pinterest Marketing Plan

June 28, 2020

To conquer the marketing world of Pinterest, you must first understand it is not a social network. People are not there to connect with others, they are searching and actively looking for ideas and solutions. 

And before getting into the tiny details of Pinterest, you should know that it is a long-term sport. Success and higher numbers happen over time. Organic pins have extremely long life cycles and can drive traffic to your website months and even a year after pinned. 

More and more businesses are utilizing Pinterest in their marketing plan and using key ingredients for a successful strategy. 

Use Pinterest as a Search Engine

There are many different ways people can come to your pins and content. Do some research on Pinterest (and Google) for keywords and phrases you can use to help sell your products or services. Strategic placing the keywords and phrases in titles and descriptions can grab target audience’s attention bringing them to you. 

Set Your Pinterest Goals and Objectives

Most use the platform for the following reasons and how businesses measure their success:

  • Increase website traffic
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase sales

Setup Your Account for Business

When you change your normal Pinterest account to a business account, it comes with many benefits. You can enable rich pins on your site. These statistically have higher-engagement data. And one of the most important guides to go by is having your Pinterest account set up to your website. Verify your domain and add the ‘Pinterest Save Button’ and ‘Pinterest Tag’ to your website. All of this will essentially allow you to begin building audiences for future marketing and advertising. 

Track Your Progress and Improvement

Using Pinterest analytics to your advantage, can help monitor pinning and account behavior. It can point you in directions for improvement and can show where you are dominating and can focus more in that area as well. 

Success on Pinterest does not happen without a sound strategy in place. Beginning with organic growth at first to master the platform is key, and then you can move on to paid advertising. Think like your customer when creating boards and pins all while using SEO techniques to optimize results. 

Need help with creating the best Pinterest marketing strategy? Contact me to see if your gig is ready to take on Pinterest marketing. 

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