The Do's and Don'ts of Pinterest Marketing

May 17, 2020

Whether you are a blogger, in eCommerce, marketer or an artist, the Pinterest platform can be used by all to increase brand awareness and recognition. Pinterest has A LOT to offer, but there is also A LOT to know about in the world of Pinterest marketing strategy. Here are a few do’s and don'ts when maintaining your account. 

Let’s check out the negativos first. 

The Don’ts:

Don’t post low quality images. This will get you nowhere in the Pinterest realm. 

Don’t only pin your own content. Curated pins create a better experience for your audience. 

Don’t ignore group boards. These are your friends and will bring exposure to you and your brand

Don’t Pin all your pins in 1 board. The more the merrier.

Don’t leave boards empty or incomplete. If a board is not ready, simply make it a secret until its debut.

Don’t make your profile hard to find. S. E. O. baby! Use keyword rich descriptions to grab all kinds of attention. 

Ok… now to the good stuff. Let’s check out the Do’s of Pinterest Marketing. 

Yes, Please:

Pin regularly. Have a schedule in place for pinning at best optimal times when your target audiences will be reached. 

Create 5-10 boards with 15-20 pins in each in the beginning. Give your audience something to enjoy.

Follow your competitors. With a bit of research you can see what they are up to and learn from their behavior. 

Join community boards. As I mentioned above, this can increase exposure to your brand. 

Use Pinterest analytics. This. Can. Help. Everything. 

Focus on image quality. Everyone knows Pinterest is a high-visual social media platform, don’t be the odd man out. 

Keywords, keywords and more keywords. Leverage SEO friendly words in descriptions, profile and images. You’ll thank me later. 

Use rich pins. They drive more traffic to your website. 

All of the do’s and don’ts above can and will help you as you continue with Pinterest for marketing and brand awareness. It’s a lot though, I get that too. Don’t worry about all the time it would take to figure out the in’s and out’s and do’s and don’ts of Pinterest marketing and management. Leave that to me. Contact me to see if your business or blog could benefit from a Pinterest marketing strategy. 

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